Let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Amy Perez. I am a Dominican blogger leaving in New York City. My love for fashion started a long time ago. Little girls love to play with their mother’s clothes but no me. I took the game to a whole other level. I used to gather all my friends and host a “fashion Show” which people paid to see by the way. I styled all the girls with my mother’s clothing. 

I started working at an early age. As a teenager, I loved shopping for the latest trends. My love for fashion continued to grow as I got older. I was very inspired by Blair the blogger from Atlantic Pacific. My style was so similar to hers. I was always looking forward to her next post. 

In 2014, my sister finally persuaded me to open an Instagram account to post my outfit of the day. Everyone always asked what I was wearing, where did I buy it and complimenting the way I put outfits together and this is how my blogging journey started. 

The purpose of this blog is to inspire people to dress trendy at an affordable price. I like to play with colors and I am not afraid to try new trends. I believe that style is not what you buy but the way you put it together. In the end the most important things is to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself. 

Favorite Color: Navy
Fashion Icon: Miroslava Duma
Favorite Blogger : Atlantic Pacific
Favorite Store: Zara, Duh!
Favorite Season: Winter
Style secret: Less is more

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