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I was or am the kind of person who buys things just because I fall in love with them, and not exactly because I need them. That is why one of my resolutions for this year is to do more “Smart Shopping.” So what exactly is “Smart Shopping”? It is simple, it is what I call conscious shopping. So rather than buying things just because I love them, I am going to think more about my needs before purchasing them. Like, “How many times am I going to wear this piece?”

When you are into fashion you want to wear the trendiest pieces all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But my biggest problem is that I was buying stuff that I was only wearing once. So my goal is to find pieces that I can wear multiple times-pieces that are classy, functional, and trendy, too.

One of thing that I am doing now before shopping online or at the store is questioning myself before buying anything.
I ask myself the following questions: “Do I really need this? How many times can I actually wear this?” Believe it or not this is working for me, along with planning my outfits, and knowing what I already have in my closet. Knowing what you have in your closet is essential when you want to “Smart Shop.” For example, I realized that I have three pairs of boots that look almost the same, and I was ready to buy another one. That’s when I stopped shopping for unnecessary things.

Now, let’s talk about my outfit. Everything I am wearing, with the exception of the coat, are items that I bought last year. I got the coat on sale two weeks ago. I also don’t recommend buying things just because they are on sale. It is not smart buying items that you don’t need only because it’s a good deal. In this case, I bought this puffer coat not only because it was on sale, but also because I needed one.

Let me know of any other strategies that work for you if you are a “Smart Shopper.”

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