My Experience at Julio’s Angel Hair salon


Why didn’t I cut my hair before? The honest truth is that never before had I felt comfortable enough with any hair stylist to do it. How many of you have heard “it would never look the same as the picture” or “that’s the lighting in the picture” when you asked your hair dresser for a particularly color? Well, that was my hairdresser’s answer every time. Where am I going with this? If you know me well you know that I’ve always wanted to be an ash blonde, and for some reason I was made to believe that my hair would never have that color. I was so WRONG! As you can now see, Julio did it for me!

Ohh Julio!! Guys, I’m not exaggerating, this guy knows what he is doing! If you were to go to his website and read his Bio you would find out why I trusted him. I showed him a picture of what I wanted and he immediately said, “It would look amazing on you”. First, he cut my hair, and let me tell you, I was a little afraid to go this short. But he explained before cutting it why my face would look better with shorter hair; everything made sense after his explanation. Second, he did the highlights. After the highlights he did the glaze. I was so flattered that he was the one who washed my hair (not an assistant!). He blew dry my hair in such a smooth and fast way like no one has ever done before. He did the beach wavy curls that look amazing with my haircut. It was the color that I always wanted and for some reason never got until he did it. I can’t think of anyone else touching my hair now. He’s officially my hairdresser.

Julio is not the only professional in this studio. His entire staff is great! While I was there I saw other hairdressers doing other clients’ hair, and they were doing an incredible job.

I’m happy that I made the decision to cut it! I feel like a different person, and the color compliments my haircut. I’m beyond happy with the results. Check their IG page and Website for more info and quotes. Thank you for stopping by.


IG: Jahairstudio



Photos by Denisse Benitez