WAW X Shoes Of Prey!

Let’s talk about these cute shoes! How cool is it to design your own shoes?! These polka dot slingback shoes were designed by me at www.shoesofprey.com! 
The process of designing is super easy and fun!  You get to choose your own fabric, style of shoes, heel size and shape. Pray of Shoes is not only amazing because you get good quality shoes, but the process is so enjoyable. You can choose from so many different styles, colors and patterns. I am so in love with my shoes! And to top it off, they are so comfortable.

Now, when it comes to the rest of my outfit, I am wearing nothing but basics! As you already know, it is all about the right accessories. Berets and Fanny Packs are back, and they add a perfect touch to any outfit.


Shop the Look:

Blouse: Gap // Jeans: H&M // Fanny Pack: Forever21// Beret: Forever21 Shoes: Shoes Of Prey